Suds & Security – Passwords!

24. May 2016 News 0
Suds & Security – Passwords… We all got’em, we all need’em, might as well secure them… Get the skinny on why you need better passwords! Serious topics, not so serious presenters!

Suds & Security – Data Destruction

14. May 2016 News 0
Live from beautiful downtown Ft. Myers Florida… It’s Suds and Security! We discuss Data Destruction… What it is and why you need it. Serious topics, not so serious presenters… Enjoy!  

Suds & Security – RANSOMWARE!

14. May 2016 News 0
Here it is… Suds & Security  – Ransomware. We give a short education on what ransomware is, how to avoid it and what to do if you get it… Serious topic, not so serious presenters 🙂 Enjoy!

Inaugural Episode Coming soon!

18. February 2016 News 0
We are in the process of recording our inaugural episode of the “Suds and Security” video podcast. Our goal is to take timely and interesting information and computer security topics and discuss those in ways that people and businesses can understand and act on.  We are dedicated to how we can make security better for ...